Not only facial and neck skin freshness speak up about age, but the skin on the hands. Being constantly in the open air, our hands are subject to harmful effects of external factors such as cold, heat, dust, wind, harmful sunrays, household chemicals, etc. more than other parts of our body.

Not only external factors promote hand aging, but also structural features of the hand, such as thin epidermis, slightly accented subcutaneous fat etc.

“Helios” Medical Center has elaborated special hand care projects that influence on all pathological features of hand skin aging:

    Improves blood and lymph microcirculation Stimulates elastin and collagen production Ensures required moistening of the skin Improves skin color and quality (wrinkles, hyperkeratosis, hyperpigmentation, age spots).

To achieve the desired results "Helios" offers a structured approach which includes: Hand care with the use of professional preparations

  • Peeling: Peeling helps to get rid of epidermal apoptotic cells. Due to peeling, regeneration and refreshment processes activate, small wrinkles disappear, and skin moisture is ensured.
  • Mesotherapy: subcutaneous microinjection of preparations which improve metabolism in the skin, restore skin elasticity, remove wrinkles.
  • Contour plastic: injection of hyaluronic acid-based implants for reducing hand bone and vascular appearance and giving beautiful and soft look.
  • Botox: Botox injections are conducted for temporary prevention of excessive hand sweating.
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